About us

Sesame is our passion

Founded in Poland in 1945, Unitop is one of the largest producers of halva and sesame snaps in Europe. Known for its care for tradition and quality, the company brings its delicious and nutritious snacks to more than 40 countries around the globe including Australia, Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Canada and the United States. With a heart for the environment, every product at Unitop is made with recyclable packaging and the company doesn’t believe in using palm oil in its manufacturing. Dedicated to supporting local communities, Unitop is known for its passion for children causes at home in Poland. To learn more about Unitop visit https://www.unitop.com.pl  
Our factory is located in Lodz at ul. Struga 61. The plant has been operating continuously since April 1945 when two Lodz engineers, J. Sewarczyk and T. Tarasiewicz, founded an enterprise focused on artificial honey manufacture. For over 75 years, the Company has changed its business profile and now it is a key producer of halva and sesame seed candies in Poland.
The highest quality of our products results from high requirements regarding the quality of raw resources and finished products, as well as expert knowledge and passion of people, who have been working in the Company for years. The vital element is the appropriate selection of raw resource – sesame.

Our quality standards

When producing our products, we pay particular attention to crop selection for acquired sesame. For us, the raw resource must be characterised by purity greater than standard one – one pebble in a several tonnes of seed is all that it takes to reject a delivery.

Where to buy?

Our products are available in numerous popular chain stores, as well as in smaller local shops.
You can also order them online at www.unitop.com.pl or visit our Unitop outlet in Lodz at ul. A. Struga 61.