Amki Superfoods

Amki Superfoods sesame snaps with amaranth and millet

Looking for an alternative to cereal bars? Try NEW Amki Superfoods! Made with honey and super charged with highly nutritious sesame seeds and puffed grains, the new Amki Superfoods are the perfect crispy snack to tide you over throughout your busy day. Made from only 4 simple ingredients, they are gluten free, a great source of fiber and provide high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids. With three slices per pack, enjoy crunching them individually or devour as a whole bar! The vegetarian snack is a good step towards choosing healthier options between meals. Available in 4 flavour – with quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and millet.

Our sesame bars are available in four flavour variants – with each variant served in a modernised form! Amki Superfoods is the best option for those, who need a quick and healthy alternative for daily snacks or sweets and looks for additional benefits from purchased products, such as favourable characteristics of sesame and grains.

The modern and exceptionally comfortable format is also important – Amki Superfoods will fit each pocket and bag, even evening bag! The sesame is a rich source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals, as well as antioxidants and phytosterols. All flavour variants are also a valuable source of essential unsaturated fatty acids.

Amki Superfoods sesame snaps without wrapping

Meet the Amki Superfoods flavours

With buckwheat

Highly nutritious, buckwheat is a whole grain that is reported to improve heart health, promote weight loss and help manage diabetes. A good source of protein, fiber and energy, this supergrain is a great addition to our new Amki Superfoods.

Amki Superfoods sesame snaps with buckwheat
Amki Superfoods sesame snaps with quinoa

With quinoa

Wondering why quinoa is a superfood? A great source of fiber which is beneficial for digestion, quinoa provides a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

With amaranth

Did you know that amaranth is considered the grain of the 21st century? Up to 20% of amaranth is made of proteins that provide the strength and energy necessary to keep you going through your busy day!

Amki Superfoods sesame snaps with amaranth
Amki Superfoods sesame snaps with millet

With millet

The unique properties of millet are sought after by those who opt for healthier alternatives and a more balanced lifestyle. Millet is known to support the body’s immune system and to counteract free radicals!