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Are sesame snaps the healthier version of sweets?

Sesame snaps are an example of sweet and crunchy snack that is healthier thanks to high content of sesame seeds. Sesame snaps are the source of unsaturated fatty...

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What is sesame?

Sesame consists of small seeds that have a beneficial impact on our beauty. It is also called the spice of gods and at the same time it is one of the oldest spices known to mankind, which flavours dishes with its subtle nutty taste.  It is also classified as part of so-called superfoods, that is, tasty and mineral rich products.

What does sesame contain?

Sesame seeds are a true treasure of nutrients and minerals. They are a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids (e.g. Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids). They also contain numerous valuable vitamins, i.e. A, E, and B group vitamins and in addition 50% of their composition is constituted by valuable healthy acids. What is interesting, they also contain lecithin, the characteristics of which have a positive influence on our concentration and memory and therefore it will be perfect for a period of increased mental effort.

What other characteristics and vitamins can we find in sesame?  

  • Magnesium and B group vitamins – reduce the feeling of weariness and tiredness,
  • Calcium – contributes to correct blood congelation and promotes bone health,
  • Potassium and phosphorus – regulate blood pressure,
  • Zinc – improves complexion appearance,
  • Copper – has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect,
  • Iron – has positive impact on blood characteristics,
  • Riboflavin – helps in nervous system function,
  • Fibre – regulates digestive processes,
  • Protein – constitutes as energy source.

Due to its characteristics and vitamins contained in it, sesame acts positively for our body, like:

Reduces bad cholesterol level

Due to the fact that sesame is source of vitamin E and contains Omega-6 fatty acids, it prevents cholesterol build-up and improves skin flexibility.

Improves concentration

Sesame seeds are rich in many valuable ingredients, such as lecithin that helps in concentration. It shows a positive influence on central nervous system function, helps in acquisition of knowledge, and improves concentration. Lecithin is recommended in period of increased mental activity. Similar properties are shown by magnesium present in sesame.

Alleviates insomnia

In the context of sleeping, one of the exceptionally important microelements is tryptophan that belongs to the amino acid group. It is not produced by our bodies and therefore it must be provided along with food, e.g. in the form of sesame seed candy.

Takes care of bone health

Sesame contains calcium that strengthens our teeth and bones. It also prevents osteoporosis. Interestingly, sesame contains more calcium than milk or eggs.

Are there any contraindications for eating sesame?

Although sesame is health incarnate, you should know that it is an allergen. Therefore, people allergic to its seeds should carefully read information e.g. on labels and eliminate this ingredient from their diet. They should also avoid dishes and products that use sesame seeds, such as:

  • Sesame oil,
  • Tahini,
  • Hummus,     
  • Sushi, salads with sesame,    
  • Vegetables in sesame batter.

However, such situations occur rarely and sesame is a true source of nutrients – fibre, protein, calcium, or phosphorus that improve body’s health.

How much calories do sesame seeds have?

Sesame and product made from it are caloric, but are exceptionally nutritious and rich in vitamins. 100 g of sesame contains approximately 48-50 g of fat and around 570 kcal. There is no reason to worry though – sesame consumed in moderate amounts will bring only beneficial results. All thanks to so many valuable nutrients contained in it. Therefore, it is worth to use its possibilities in the kitchen and add it to salads, sprinkle it on sandwiches or use as healthier meat batter. It can also be used to bake bread or cookies. We can also eat it as a snack, that is, sesame seed candies.

The perfect snack? Sesame seed candies

You do not have to resign from sweet snacks to eat something sweet and simultaneously provide your body with high value ingredients. For example, sesame seed candies are an exceptionally handy solution that are worthy carrying around in case of an energy drop. Most importantly, they contain a lot of honey instead of sugar. We should pay attention to product’s composition when we are looking for a snack and at the same time take care about our figure. It is worth to reach sesame seed candies that additionally contain fibre and unsaturated fatty acids and at the same time are gluten-free.

As you can see, there are snacks that are healthy and tasty at the same time. Try Amki Sesame Snaps or Amki Superfoods and combine the best of both worlds.