Each seed counts

Selected sesame

We pay particular attention to sesame seed purity, which according to our criteria should amount to 99.98% – greater than generally adopted standards. One pebble in a several tonnes of seed is all that it takes to reject a delivery.

An important part of sesame snaps production is selection of only bigger and fuller seeds that we later roast in order to make them exceptionally crunchy. As a true expert with over 60 years of experience, we have developed over 30 sesame seed candy flavour variants. For the production of halva, we choose tahini produced in Turkey, which knows how to do it like no one else in the whole world.

We pay particular attention to selection of crops. We select African seed to produce sesame seed candy and additionally roast it before producing the snack – this has an additional positive influence on its taste while the process itself is not a principle among producers.

Not only sesame

We also use other seeds to produce the Amki Superfoods sesame bars with puffed grains ..


Amaranth grains are poppy seed-sized and have a creamy or bright brown colour, as well as slightly nutty taste. They are the perfect additive to e.g. yogurts, sauces, or even soups. The seeds also greatly enrich bread baked at home. Amaranth is the source of such ingredients as unsaturated fatty acids, i.e. linoleic acid, oleic acid, and linolenic acid. These inconspicuous seeds are also a source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and B group vitamins. Stressed and tired people are recommended to eat dishes with this cereal. For that reason, amaranth is a great choice for children in their school years.


Puffed buckwheat is a seed ready to eat that does not require additional treatment. It contains unsaturated fatty acids and minerals – magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, and potassium. Flavonoids contained in buckwheat have a positive impact on immunity and help reinforce blood vessel walls.


Puffed millet, or millet spray, is a great alternative for those, who do not like the taste of millet groats, but want to be and eat healthy. It is the source of phosphorus and fibre and greatly detoxify body.


Quinoa is a great source of high value protein, healthy fatty acids, and numerous vitamins and minerals. It also possesses antioxidant properties. It is called the holy cereal of Incas or golden seed of Incas as it originates from South America, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years.