Inside and outside of school

What to take for a bicycle trip with children?

Cycling with children can be a great adventure, but you should prepare accordingly. A well-planned route rich in interesting places to see, a small first aid kit, helmets to ensure safety, and snacks of course (preferable the sweet ones)! You don’t have to spend many hours to organise a successful bike escapade! And we give you hints how to prepare it.

What sweets should we choose for children?

Many parents are strongly determined to prevent their children from eating sweets. Keeping a restrictive diet among toddlers is quite easy, but with children growing it’s getting harder to keep them away from sweets . How to explain to a youngster that it will not get a sweet snack when it sees a peer, who enjoys eating a candy bar? Maybe we should not completely resign from sweets, but instead learn how to choose the healthier ones?. Together with a dietician. we’ve prepared few advices for you.