Sesame seeds used for making sesames snaps placed in a bowl

Sesame – why is it worth to include it in daily diet?

Sesame has gone down in history as one of first oil plants known to humankind, grown for at least 3,000 years. In the past, it was used mainly for oil production, but over the centuries it has gained new culinary uses…

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Sesame – a wealth of nutrients and essential unsaturated fatty acids (EFA)1

Sesame seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids (EFA) necessary for the correct function of our bodies. They are divided into two groups – monounsaturated (e.g. olein acid) and polyunsaturated (e.g. Omega-3 and Omega-62) fatty acids. They have a positive impact on skin moisturisation and have anti-virus and anti-bacteria effect.

Sesame oil is also used as additive to anti-acne masks while vitamin E helps fighting discolorations. Sesame seeds also help fill the supply for calcium, the deficit of which is one of main factors influencing nail brittleness. In addition, antioxidants – sesamol and sesaminol – prevent cancer and delay the aging process.

Sesame contains fibre3 and protein

Fibre is one of key sesame seed ingredients. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol in blood and influences the so-called lipid profile (content of triglyceride, whole cholesterol, and lipoproteins, the level of which determines the risk of metabolic problems occurrence). Additionally, fibre supports correct metabolism and gastrointestinal tract operation.

It is worth mentioning that it is a gluten-free product. Sesame also contains microelements (i.e. a wealth of protein and calcium4), the consumption of which is helpful in fighting such ailments as: broken bones, osteoporosis, or Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Sesame seeds – great vitamin content

Sesame seeds contain many important microelements necessary in the correct body function. Among them we can find i.e. phosphorus5, calcium, iron6, manganese, selenium zinc, magnesium, potassium, and B group, A, and E vitamins7. It is worth to highlight that sesame contains plenty of amino acids, thanks to which nutritional value of this product is easily assimilable by body and in turn have a positive impact on health.

Sesame and sesame oil – benefits for circulatory system

Sesame also constitutes as a source of phytosterols, which play a significant role in our bodies – i.e. they regulate the circulatory system function as they allow to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis occurrence and contribute to reduction of blood pressure.

Medicinal properties of sesame at insomnia

The high-quality sleep significantly influences our health. Eating meals with sesame seeds is recommended for people, who struggle with insomnia, thanks to the high content of tryptophan in sesame8. This ingredient is not produced by our bodies and therefore it must be provided along with food. Its main task is to i.e. build resistance to stress, positive influence on nervous system function, and controlling falling asleep, as well as improving regeneration during sleep.

Sesame in daily diet – nutritional values of oil and seeds

Sesame seeds are used in kitchen in many ways during preparation of meals. They are used as tasty additive to i.e. bread, as batter for meat dishes, and roasted seeds are essential ingredient of tasty salads and sauces. Although they are not very popular in our country, Poles experiment more and more in the kitchen, look for inspiring recipes and use unusual and original combinations and flavour variations. However, you should remember about common sense while using sesame seeds – they are very nutritious and… caloric – 100 gram of this plant contains over 520 kcal.

Sesame as a snack

Sesame and oil made from it do not constitute as basic assortment in Polish households, but it is worth to use it due to its beneficial impact on our bodies.

An opportunity to combine practicality with pleasure is presented by healthier snacks made from carefully selected sesame seeds – e.g. sesame snaps or sesame bars (e.g. Amki Sesame Snaps and Amki Superfoods), which also contain expanded grains. Thanks to this, you do not have to resign from perfect and sweet taste in order to keep all important nutrients.

Amki Sesame Snaps and Amki Superfoods are available in convenient and handy forms that will easily fit in a bag or backpack. This allows you to reach for them in any situation. In addition, they taste great, and thin and exceptionally crispy slices provide additional, unique sensory experiences.