What to take to work to eat?

When preparing food to work, we want tasty, quick, and balanced meals. Although we usually eat breakfast at home, or at least we should eat it at home, we consume next meals already at work. Usually it is a second breakfast, lunch, and snack. When choosing a specific dish, we should ensure that it contains valuable nutrients that will give us energy and help to maintain high concentration level for all day. What to take to work to eat? We will give you tips.

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Are boxes with meal to work a good idea?

We can choose meals in box if we do not have time to cook or don’t like cooking. It is a simple way to diversify meals each day. Depending on our needs, it is only one meal (e.g. breakfast and dinner) or a set for whole days. Certainly, it is a very convenient solution that allows to save even few hours within a day, but on the other hand we are not sure that we will like the meal.
But, if we are personally preparing our meals to work, we can easily find recipes for quick and healthy dishes (e.g. salads).

What to look when selecting a snack?

When choosing snacks to eat at work, you usually choose recipes that are quick to make and at the same time we want the meals to be tasty, healthy, and full of nutrients. Usually, when you pack to school or to work you do not have much time for complex dishes. Luckily, there are plenty of simple snacks that can be prepared in few minutes. Below we present few proven ideas when you do not want to cook:


Perfect for breakfast, break at work, and supper. We can prepare them quickly and thanks to variety and plenty of various ingredients this dish will never become boring.


We can prepare them using our favourite vegetables. All you need is a mix of salads, tomato, cucumber, sauce, and some other tasty additives like roasted seeds and that’s it.


Simple, quick to prepare, tasty, nourishing solution that allows to combine e.g. favourite fruits and vegetables with milk, buttermilk, or yogurt, as well as quickly provide body with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables and fruits

Apple, banana, or few slices of a carrot are always a great snack that is immediately ready to eat, will nourish us, and provide us with vitamins and fibre.

Dried fruits

It is worth to eat nuts and seeds on a daily basis. A portion of almond nuts or pumpkin seeds is a great way to have a healthy meal at work.

As you can see, there is a plethora of ideas for quick snacks and we can easily find simple recipes e.g. on the Internet. However, we should ensure that such food is also healthy. But what should we do if we fail to prepare a meal at home? A good idea is to take a healthy sweet snack, like sesame seed candy, with you.

Sesame seed candies – the perfect snack to work

Why sesame seed candies are perfect to eat at work? Not only they are tasty, but also are the healthier alternative to sweets. In addition, they are small and handy and will fit into a lunchbox, bag, backpack, or even pocket! When we feel a bit hungry or we will want to eat something sweet with a cup of coffee, sesame seed candies will be the perfect alternative for classic candy bars. Particularly, these inconspicuous seeds are the source of EFA acids, fibre, protein, and calcium that are beneficial for our bodies. It is also worth to stress that they are gluten-free.

Sesame snack? Choose consciously

When looking for the perfect snack to work, it is worth to pay attention to Amki Superfoods, that is, innovative sesame bars. They combine valuable sesame seeds and puffed grains and create a perfect crispy snack to tide you over throughout your busy day. What is interesting, sesame seeds also contain lecithin that have a positive influence on our concentration and memory. For that reason, sesame is recommended by dieticians, especially in periods of increased mental activity, which is especially important at work and translates into our efficiency.