Amki Sesame Snaps

Classic Sesame and Sesame with Chocolate by Amki ToGO

Super crunchy and extra thin Amki Sesame Snaps is a healthier sweet snack loaded with sesame seeds. Check out why you should always have them with you!

The Amki Sesame Snaps is the perfect choice for trips and outdoor activities, as well as tasty break at work or school.

Amki are known for being extra thin and super crunchy – features especially valued by consumers all over the world. To achieve the best taste and crunch we use only carefully selected, roasted sesame seeds of the highest quality. Now, you can try it in 5 new flavours – find your favourite!

Amki Sesame Snaps is a perfect alternative for classic sweets. Handy package allows you to fit them in a pocket, bag, or car and always have a tasty, balanced snack available always when you are on the go!

It is also a great solution for parents, who seek healthier sweet snacks for their children to school, for a trip, or simply as a dessert at home. The sesame is a rich source of essential unsaturated fatty acids, fibre, or number of vitamins and minerals. In addition, sesame snaps do not smudge small hands unlike chocolate or other popular sweets.

Two children with their grandparents on a bike trip

Meet the Amki Sesame Snaps flavours

Amki ToGo classic sesame snaps


The perfect pick-me-up, delicious & nutritious Amki Sesame Snaps Classic are an easy and convenient way to add the power of sesame seeds to your daily intake.

With honey

If you like the nutty flavour of sesame seeds and are looking for a sweet boost of energy and nutrition, look no further than Amki Sesame Snaps with Honey. Did you know that honey contains pro health enzymes and vitamins A, C and B? 

Amki ToGo sesame snaps with honey

With quinoa

A modern combination of sesame with puffed quinoa seeds ensures new taste experiences. Puffed quinoa gives a more delicate crunch to our sesame snaps. It is also the perfect snack for those, who prefers less sweetness.

Amki ToGo sesame snaps with chocolate

With chocolate

A double-sweet combination. Exceptionally crunchy sesame snaps now have a “support” in the form of subtle chocolate sweetness. Now you don’t have to choose – sesame snaps or chocolate? We can enjoy this iconic duet always when we want to.

With yoghurt

Amki Sesame Snaps with Youghurt coating are a unique combination of flavours that answers to the need for a gourmet snack. This unusual combination is addressed to everyone, who looks for modern solutions enriching the taste of traditional sweets.

Amki ToGo sesame snaps with yoghurt
Amki ToGo sesame snaps no added sugars

No added sugars

We have created Amki Sesame Snaps No added sugars in response to consumer trends and the always increasing interest in products with reduced sugar content. Our sesame snaps still have its unique taste, perfect crunchiness, and are extra thin, but we have replaced sugar with maltitol.