What to take for a bicycle trek?

Spring and summer weather favours planning bicycle treks. Sunny, warm, and long days encourage to spending them on fresh air. An interesting idea to spend free time is planning a few day-long trek. When preparing to a bicycle trek, especially one with accommodation in a different place, we should be well prepared. Choosing a route and packing the most necessary things that are essential during each travel is vital. We suggest what you should take with you on a bicycle.

List of things is the base

Before each trek we should carefully think over what we will take with us on a bicycle. We should take into account the fact that less luggage is better. Of course, the luggage should not be heavy as well. Preparing a list saves a lot of time and ensures us that we will not forget anything that might come in handy during trek. What should we pack into a saddlebag?
A family on mountain bikes went on a wilderness tour


Few day-long trek requires taking appropriate amount of clothes. Our luggage should not take too much space, but taking the most essential things is necessary to be prepared for possible weather changes, especially sudden rain or strong wind. Aside from that, it is worth to pack long trousers even when it is exceptionally warm, and high visibility vest is necessary and required to make bicycle treks significantly much safer. We should also take bicycle gloves, cap or headdress, and sunglasses. If our bicycle trek lasts more than one day, a tent and sleeping pad will certainly come in handy, as well as a power bank to charge telephone.


When going for a longer bicycle trek lasting few days, we should carefully think about the contents of our washbag. Basic products that will always be useful, include: sunscreen, toilet paper, wet wipes, lip balm, shaver, and shower gel.
Woman treats injured man who fell over on bicycle


Although we should not assume that something bad happens during a trek, it is always worth to have a first aid kit with necessary drugs that we can use in case of emergency. The kit should contain abrasion plasters, elastic bandage, oxidised water, and painkillers.


We should also take food on a bicycle trek. During an all-day effort, we will definitely become hungry more than once, therefore it is worth to pack sandwiches, a fruit, and drinking water into the saddlebag. We should also remember that there is no good bicycle trek without appropriate snack that will make travelling much more pleasant. The perfect snack will be sesame snaps (e.g. Amki Sesame Snaps ), which is a healthier alternative to classic sweets, but at the same time is sweet and provides a lot of energy, as well as additional nutrients such as fibre, necessary unsaturated fatty acids, and are gluten-free. Such nourishing little something will certainly come in handy during numerous activities and trips.

Bicycle equipment

This aspect covers everything that can be useful in repairing a bicycle if the need arises. We must take into account the necessity to put a bicycle chain (appropriate gloves) or replace a bicycle part. We should also have a pump, tyre lever, and spare tubes. A chain stud or insulation tape, which will help e.g. secure the trunk so that nothing falls from it, will also be useful. As we can see, bicycle treks require planning, but it will be a successful trip if we manage to take all the necessary equipment and good mood.
Man repairs a disc brake on his bike in a clearing